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We have iBT free samples of online practice tests, as well as free samples of the grammar, speaking, and essay parts of the examination.

Free samples:

iBT FREE Online Practice Test 1 Sample

Test 2 Information and Sample Topics

Free grammar exercises

The iBT FREE Online Practice Test 1 Sample will give you a sample demonstration of what the actual Test of English as a Foreign Language is like.

Each of our free test samples have complete listening, reading, speaking, and writing sections.

You will hear recordings on the listening, speaking, and writing parts of each online test.

We also provide Test 2 Information and Sample Topics.

Our iBT free information page and iBT sample topics will show you that our online tests contain the same type of academic topics that you will encounter on the real examination.

Free test samples of online practice tests:

Our online sample tests will help you improve your Test of English as a Foreign Language score because

  • Both of our online practice test have an automatic feedback feature to say if the answer you have chosen is correct or incorrect.
  • Immediately after you answer every question, a pop-up will which explains how to arrive at the correct response.
  • This feedback will help you with your exam strategy on the day of your TOEFL test.
  • You will also receive a score for each of the multiple choice parts of the online tests.

Please click here for our Free Online Test 1.

We also provide free grammar exercises.

Our free grammar exercises will help you learn the advanced grammar that you need for the exam.

Finally, this section has a free sample for the speaking test.

The free speaking test example shows you sample questions like those that you will have on the actual test.

If you are worried about your writing, you should have a look at our sample essay page.

This page gives you information about the two parts of the speaking test and shows you a list of free sample essay topics.