Grammar Exercises for the TOEFL

Do you want grammar exercises?

It goes without saying that exercises will help you to study and learn the advanced English language skills that you need for the examination.

Below you will find our free Test of English as a Foreign Language exercises for advanced grammar.

Grammar Exercise 1

Grammar Exercise 2

More Free Grammar Exercises

Our Writing PDF contains 15 chapters of the American English Grammar that is most commonly tested on the examination.

Our Download page also gives you further information about our practice materials.

You want to do well on your test, so you may want to improve your grammar.

However, did you know that the test covers American English grammar?

If you have studied British English, you will need exercises in American English grammar for the examination.

Advanced American English grammar is important for all sections for the iBT .

Exercises for all these skills are essential in order to comprehend the reading and listening passages on the internet-based test.

You will also need advanced skills to prepare for the writing portions of the test.

Examiners look for advanced sentence structures on both of your essays.

What about your speaking test? You will also need to have excellent grammar in order to achieve a high mark on the speaking test.

Why not start practicing your grammar skills today with our grammar exercises?