Online Test 1

What does our  Online Test 1 include?

Our online test is in the same format as the actual English language assessment.

Free Online Test

Online Practice Test 1 – FREE Sample

Our Online Practice Test 1 – FREE Sample will show you the format and style of the actual examination.

Each of our online tests provides practice in the four skill areas which are tested on the iBT.

Most important, each question on our practice online tests has feedback and advice to show you why each answer is correct.

Immediately after you answer each question on our online tests, you will see a small window that explains the answer.

The instant feedback helps you learn how to answer each type of question on the test.

The instant advice also gives you tips to help improve you performance on you examination.

By studying and learning the reasons why each answer is correct, you will have better test-taking logic.

Therefore you will have better testing strategies on the day of your iBT exam.

That is because our feedback helps you to learn tips and advice to improve your exam performance.

 Online Practice Test 1

Just like the real iBT exam each of our practice tests includes:

  • Reading Test – three reading passages with 12 to 14 questions on each passage
  • Listening Test – six recordings on various academic topics with 5 to 6 questions on each recording
  • Speaking Test – six speaking tasks in which you must first listen to a recording, and then provide a spoken response indicating your comprehension or opinion. Our speaking test material also includes six free sample responses.
  • Essay writing tests – two writing tasks. The first essay is the integrated task, which means that you listen to a lecture and read an article on an academic topic. Then you write a summary based on what you have read and heard.
    The second essay is the personal response type, in which you will be asked to give and opinion on a topic or discuss a personal experience that you have had.

Each of our online exams has a sample TOEFL essay tasks with examiner’s comments to help you improve your writing skills for the Test of English as a Foreign Language.

There are also recorded speaking example test responses to show what level of spoken English is needed for the examination.

You can take our practice tests anytime you like within 30 days of your purchase.

We also have a second TOEFL Online practice test sample:

Online practice test 2 information