Speaking Example Test for the TOEFL

Speaking Example Test Topics and Question Types:

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Speaking Example Test Questions

Speaking Test 1

This part of the speaking test often asks you for personal information.

This is to help you start the exam with a topic that is known to you, before moving to the more difficult speaking topics.

Example: Who is your favorite aunt or uncle? Describe the ways in which he or she has helped you.

TOEFL® Speaking Test 2

For this part of the speaking test, you will be asked your opinion on some speaking topic or assertion.

Example: Many people believe that children do not get enough physical exercise these days. Do you agree? Why or why not?

TOEFL® Speaking Test 3

You will hear a recorded conversation between two students discussing a problem associated with academic life.

After you hear the recording, you will have to speak about the problems and solutions that the two students put forward.

Example: An announcement states that the university library will be closed on the weekends. Two students speak about this situation.

TOEFL® Speaking Test 4

You will hear a brief lecture. After you have heard it, you will need to provide a spoken summary of the main points from the lecture.

Example: You will hear a three-minute lecture about global warming.

TOEFL® Speaking Test 5

This is similar to the third speaking exercise, except that the conversation may be between a student and a university administrator.

TOEFL® Speaking Test 6

Task 6 is similar to the fourth speaking exercise. You will hear another brief lecture and will need to give a spoken summary.

You may take notes during parts 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the speaking test.