Free Practice Tests

Our course includes two online practice tests. To see the online free practice tests, click on the link in the next section.

We have a download to help you improve your comprehension and use of vocabulary on the test.

We also have practice tests for the reading, writing, and listening exams.

Free practice – reading

Free practice – writing

Free practice – listening

Free practice – speaking

Get Our Free Practice Tests

Why not try our free online practice test?

Our free practice online test is in the exact same format as the real exam.

Free Online Practice Test

“Word Power” Vocabulary Download

Our vocabulary PDF helps you prepare your vocabulary for the TOEFL internet based test.

Vocabulary is important for all parts of the test because:

(1) Reading – There are questions on the reading test asking for the meanings of specific words used in the passages.

(2) Listening – The listening test contains high-level spoken vocabulary that you will need to understand as you hear it.

(3) Writing – In order to perform well on your writing test, you will need to use high-level vocabulary in your essay.

(4) Speaking – When you record your spoken answers on the speaking test, you will score much higher if you use advanced vocabulary.

TOEFL iBT® Practice Tests:

Practice Reading Tests Download

You will need TOEFL® reading practice because high-level reading skills are required for the test.

The score of your internet based test is calculated with 25% of your result being based on a reading comprehension test.

Our reading practice tests assess you on texts like those that you will have to read in your academic life at college or university.

The reading texts in our practice materials are like those on the actual examination: they contain 300 to 500 words in length and are on topics relating to various academic disciplines.

Practice Test – Writing Download

Our TOEFL iBT® writing download will help you to improve your vocabulary and grammar to write great essays for the test.

Our writing test download contains four parts: grammar comprehension, grammar review, essay tips, and example essays.

Practice Tests – Listening Download

There are fifteen recorded lectures in mp3 format.

There are also fifteen corresponding chapters of exercises, with multiple choice questions, just like the real examination.

The lectures reinforce the vocabulary you have learned from Part 1 of our course.

The listening course also helps you to improve your listening and note-taking skills for the iBT.

The sound files for our iBT listening course are in mp3 format. You may save the mp3 files to your computer, to a CD, or to an mp3 player.

You can make one copy of each of the mp3 files from our secure webpage once you have made your payment.

Please also try the free samples of our online TOEFL® practice tests by clicking on the tab in our main menu.