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Writing Exercise

1) – What is the current status of your business plan?
– Right now we’re sizing __________ the competition.

a. in
b. under
c. up
d. over

2) – How is your homework coming?
– Well, I just can’t figure __________ the last exercise.

a. up
b. on
c. at
d. out

3)- Where is Alison?
– At home recovering __________ the flu.

a. with
b. to
c. for
d. from

4) – Wow! I really like your new car!
– I finally __________ to buy it after I had looked at several models.

a. to decide
b. decided
c. deciding
d. had decided

5) – John is such a liar!
– I know. Nothing he says is consistent __________ reality.

a. with
b. for
c. in
d. by

6)- Did the police discover the identity of the thief?
– No, all the suspects denied __________ the car.

a. stealing
b. to steal
c. to stealing
d. to have stolen

7) – Any plans for tonight?
– How about __________ bowling?

a. to go
b. we go
c. going for
d. going

8) – Mind if I light up?
– Yes, you must refrain __________ smoking in this building.

a. from
b. for
c. against
d. to

9)- Bob was upset about not receiving an invitation.
– Oh no! We __________ have invited him!

a. must
b. may
c. should
d. ought

10) – This form is compulsory.
– In other words, I __________ fill it in.

a. should
b. may
c. must
d. could

TOEFL Writing Exercise – Answers:

1) c
2) d
3) d
4) b
5) a
6) a
7) d
8) a
9) c
10) c