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Below is a free reading practice test. The reading practice test download part of our course has 15 modules similar to the one below.

Free Reading Practice Test:

Diversification is the key to success in today’s agrarian pursuits. Traditionally, farmers have raised livestock such as dairy cows and flocks of sheep, allowing these herbivorous animals to graze in pastures as their primary source of feeding. Today, farmers have augmented their lines of business with the breeding of a wide range of plants and animals.

The breeding of pedigree dogs is one example of the new wave of diversification sweeping the nation. These animals are kept inside kennels, which are usually located in barns or sheds on the premises. Since the dogs are kept in rather confined quarters, it is imperative to be observant of changes in their temperament. A growling or vicious dog may need to be calmed by fondling or petting until it wags its tail as a sign of its contentment.

1) In the past, farmers used to
A) raise cattle strictly for the production of beef.
B) keep only milk-producing cows.
C) breed only sheep and lambs.
D) concentrate their operations on raising grass-eating animals.

2) Pedigree dogs are
A) usually kept in places that somewhat restrict their movements.
B) not carnivorous in nature.
C) unlikely ever to show signs of aggression.
D) never in need of human contact.

1) D
2) A

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Reading Test Information:

Here is some further information to help you study for your reading test.

You will face questions on the iBT TOEFL® reading test on the following skills:

(1) Understanding the main idea of the text

In order to understand the main idea, you should pay special attention to the first sentence of each paragraph, commonly known as the topic sentence.

(2) Identifying specific points relating to the main idea

For questions on specific points, you should scan the article for the keywords that are stated in the question.

For example, consider this question from a passage on General Custer:

Was General Custer well prepared for the Battle of Little Bighorn?

In this case, you should scan the article for the keywords “Little Bighorn” and then read this part of the article carefully in order to answer the question.

(3) Understanding the author’s audience or point of view

You will need to assess the adjectives used in the article to see whether they have a positive or negative connotation.

(4) Understanding unknown vocabulary in context

For unknown vocabulary, look for synonyms or indirect explanations in the text.

(5) Drawing inferences and making logical conclusions

Students often find this type of question the most difficult.

Remember that you are to make a conclusion based only on information in the passage.

You should avoid making overgeneralizations.

Our Reading Download helps you practice your skills for the Reading Test.

Our reading practice download has 15 units and also gives you further practice with the vocabulary you have learned from our Word Power Vocabulary Download.

That is because the reading passages in the reading practice download contain the vocabulary from our Word Power download.

Each of our Practice Online Tests also have three complete reading passages, just like the actual exam.

So, our  practice reading tests are in the same format as the actual Test of English as a Foreign Language.

Each of the fifteen practice tests in our download contain approximately 500 words and have 5 to 10 questions on each passage.