Listening for the TOEFL iBT®

If you are interested in listening for the TOEFL® iBT you might want to sample our listening course download.

Our instant download is in PDF format. It has 15 units and is 53 pages long when printed.

As part of our listening practice tests, you will also receive 15 mp3 files.

Each mp3 sound file contains one lecture and five questions.

Listening Practice Download – Free Sample

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Our TOEFL® practice will help learn the skills that you need on the iBT test.

If you want listening practice tests, why not consider our iBT downloads?

More Information on our TOEFL iBT® Listening Download

Listening Test Information

On the iBT test, you will hear lectures and conversations on many different topics.

There are six parts in this section of the test. This part of the test will include:

– Lectures on academic topics

– Class discussions and seminars

– Conversations between professors and students

– Conversations between students

Each part of this section of the test normally has 4 to 6 questions.

There are 34 total questions on this section of the examination.

Each of our online tests have six complete listening passages, just like the actual exam.

Our download contains exactly the kinds of recordings you will hear on the actual test.

You will also have to listen to recordings as part of the speaking test and the writing exam.

As you listen to the lectures in each part of the iBT, you can take notes on what you hear.

After each lecture finishes, you will be asked some questions about it. You will answer questions based on your notes.

For the speaking and the writing tests, you will use your notes in order to give spoken and written responses to what you have heard.