Academic Success Media’s Vocabulary “Word Power” – Here is a free sample of a few excerpts from our “Word Power” download:

fathom – (v.) to understand or comprehend, esp. with difficulty. e.g. – I can’t fathom this chemistry homework. Can you explain it to me? Der. (adj.) fathomable; (ant.) unfathomable.

grumble – (v.) to complain; (syn.) whine. e.g. – There is no reason the grumble about your job. If you don’t like it, find a new one. Der. (n.) grumble.

haggle (with) – (v.) to engage in discussions with buyers or sellers in order to agree upon a price; negotiate. e.g. – He haggled with the car salesman in order to negotiate a good price.

implore – (v.) to beg; (syn.) entreat, beseech. e.g. – The President implored the nation for their support during the country’s economic crisis. Der. (adj.) imploring; (adv.) imploringly.

lassitude – (n.) tiredness; exhaustion. e.g. – The marathon runner showed great lassitude after finishing the race and rested on the grass nearby.

myriad – (adj.) great in quantity or amount; abundant. e.g. There were myriad foods at the banquet.

nascent (adj.) something at its birth or beginning. e.g. – He has just set up a nascent business.

perfidy – (n.) disloyalty or treason toward an individual’s country of national origin. e.g. – The American, Benedict Arnold, was guilty of perfidy when he told U.S. military secrets to the British during the American Revolutionary War.

sanctimonious – (adj.) relating to an insincere or hypocritical adherence to high moral standards. e.g. – The wealthy king gave a sanctimonious speech about how money should not be considered the most important thing in life. Der. (n.) sanctimony, sanctimoniousness; (adv.) sanctimoniously.

undemonstrative – (adj.) not displaying feeling or emotion. e.g. – Mark is so undemonstrative that we couldn’t tell whether he was happy or not. Der. (adv.) undemonstratively.

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