Exercises – TOEFL® Words A to C

Here are some free exercises to help you learn the TOEFL® Words for the examination.

Vocabulary is so important for the test. You will need a high level of vocabulary in order to get a passing score in the exam.

These abbreviations have been used in the exercises that follow.

adj. – adjective
adv. – adverb
ant. – antonym
der. – derivative
e.g. – example
esp. – especially
exp. – expression
met. – metaphorical
n. – noun
p. part. – past participle
ph. v. – phrasal verb
sbdy – somebody
sthg – something
syn. – synonym
v. – verb

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Now try these exercises in order to improve your vocabulary for the Here are some free vocabulary exercises for the TOEFL examination.

Vocabulary is so important for the iBT test. You will need a high level of vocabulary in order to get a passing score.

This exercise covers selected words from our vocabulary course for TOEFL words A to C.

This material is copyright. © Academic Success Media. DO NOT COPY!

Instructions – Study the words in the list below. Then complete the exercise that follows. The answers are provided at the bottom of the page.

advocate – (n.) defender or supporter of a specific cause or issue; (syn.) proponent. Der. (v.) advocate.

ambiguous – (adj.) unclear in meaning. Der. (n.) ambiguity; (adv.) ambiguously.

apprehend – (v.) to capture a criminal who has escaped from the law. Der. (n.) apprehension; (adj.) apprehensible

bequest – (n.) the action of leaving money or specific property to another person upon an individual’s death. Der. (v.) bequeath.

biased – (adj.) relating to prejudice caused by an unfair or irrational belief or preference. Der. (n.) bias; (v.) bias.

bolster – (v.) to raise or increase by supporting the cause or interest of something.

clandestine – (adj.) being done or carried out in secrecy. Der. (adv.) clandestinely.

clutter – (n.) a disorganized collection of various items. Der. (adj.) cluttered.

collaboration – (n.) the action of working together with others; (syn.) cooperation. Der. (v.) collaborate.

colossal – (adj.) amazing or incredible in size.

1. A __________ in my uncle’s will specifically states that I shall receive $10,000 when he dies.

2. The __________ government operation was known only to a select group of politicians.

3. He is an __________ of that political party since he supports their policies.

4. A judge must never be __________, but must treat all people fairly and equally.

5. Going to Disneyland __________ the spirits of the terminally-ill children.

6. It took Laura two days to organize the __________ left on her desk while she was away from the office on vacation.

7. The __________ of all the factory workers made everyone’s job easier.

8. The professor’s instructions were so __________ that none of the students could understand them.

9. The elephant is a __________ animal, often weighing several tons.

10. The prisoner escaped while being transported, but was __________ three days later.


1. bequest

2. clandestine

3. advocate

4. biased

5. bolstered

6. clutter

7. collaboration

8. ambiguous

9. colossal

10. apprehended

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