Exercise – Words D to F

Now study the list below for words D to F.

Then complete the vocabulary exercise that follows.

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Words D to F

debris – (n.) the remaining broken pieces of something.

defunct – (adj.) no longer existing or operating; no longer active.

deliberation – (n.) careful consideration of a topic, including reasons for and against. Der. (v.) deliberate; (adj.) deliberate.

deterrent – (n.) the prevention or discouragement of illegal or improper behavior. Der. (v.) deter.

embezzle – (v.) to use one’s own position to steal company money or property for personal use. Der. (n.) embezzlement; (adj.) embezzled.

eminent – (adj.) showing superiority or high achievement in one’s profession.

enterprise – (n.) a business organization established for a particular purpose or activity. Der. (adj.) enterprising.

fellowship – (adj.) relating to the gathering of individual members in a group or society. Der. (n.) fellow.

fickle – (adj.) changeable or inconstant; capricious.

flaw – (n.) an imperfection in appearance or function. Der. (adj.) flawed.

Now place the words from the list above into the correct sentences below. Note that you may need to change the form of the word or use a derivative in some cases. The answers are given after the exercise.

1. She is a very __________ girl and constantly changes her mind.

2. The death penalty is considered to be a __________ to the commission of the crime of murder, although statistics show that the murder rate increases every year.

3. There was a lot of __________ on the road after the accident, including fragments of broken glass and pieces of metal.

4. The professor was __________ in the field of micro-biology and had written several well-known books on the subject.

5. The jacket had a serious __________ since one sleeve was longer than the other.

6. Banks and insurance companies are business __________.

7. After careful __________ of all the advantages and disadvantages, Mary finally decided to attend college.

8. Due to a lack of interest by its members, the club is now __________.

9. The company’s accountant had been __________ money for years by transferring it from the company’s bank to his own personal account.

10. The __________ of Veterans of Former Wars gathers once a month for a meeting in the town hall.


1. fickle

2. deterrent

3. debris

4. eminent

5. flaw

6. enterprises

7. deliberation

8. defunct

9. embezzling

10. fellowship