Exercise – Words G to I

Have a look at this excerpt from our “Word Power” download for words G to I.

Then try the vocabulary exercise after the word list.

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Words G to I

garrulous – (adj.) talkative; outgoing; (syn.) gregarious, ebullient. Der. (adv.) garrulously.

gorgeous – (adj.) very beautiful; stunning.

grumble – (v.) to complain; (syn.) whine. Der. (n.) grumble.

haggle (with) – (v.) to engage in discussions with buyers or sellers in order to agree upon a price; negotiate.

handy – (adj.) near at hand; easy to use; convenient.

hilarious – (adj.) very funny or humorous. Der. (n.) hilarity; (adv.) hilariously.

hindrance – (n.) the action of holding back, delaying, or preventing the progress of something; (syn.) obstacle; stumbling block. Der. (v.) hinder.

hindsight – (n.) the understanding of the consequences of an event after it has occurred.

illicit – (adj.) illegal. e.g. – Der. (adv.) illicitly.

immaculate – (adj.) exceptionally clean or tidy. Der. (adv.) immaculately.

Now complete the exercise below. Remember that you may need to change the form of the word.

1. The neighborhood convenience store is __________ because it’s very close to our house.

2. The winner of the beauty contest was a really __________ woman.

3. His constant interruptions were a __________ to the completion of the job.

4. Eric is so __________ that sometimes it’s difficult to make him stop talking.

5. He __________ with the car salesman in order to negotiate a good price.

6. __________ drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, have become a serious problem of modern society.

7. Alice told a __________ story that made everyone in the room laugh.

8. Her house was so __________ that no dust or dirt could be seen.

9. There is no reason the __________ about your job. If you don’t like it, find a new one.

10. With __________, he realizes the mistakes he has made in his past.


1. handy

2. gorgeous

3. hindrance

4. garrulous

5. haggled

6. illicit

7. hilarious

8. immaculate

9. grumble

10. hindsight