Exercise – Words J to L

This page has a vocabulary exercise for a few of the words J to L from our “Word Power” download.

These materials are for your private self-study.

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Words J to L

jeopardize – (v.) to risk or endanger. Der. (n.) jeopardy.

jurisdiction – (n.) the authority to administer and apply laws and regulations.

knack – (n.) talent or skill.

land – (v.) to find or locate.

lassitude – (n.) tiredness; exhaustion.

latent – (adj.) hidden; not obvious or visible. Der. (adv.) latently; (ant.) patent.

livelihood – (n.) method of providing financial support for an individual’s existence.

loathe – (v.) to hate or despise. Der. (n.) loathing; (adj.) loath, loathsome.

lucrative – (adj.) relating to the production of great wealth or profit. Der. (adv.) lucratively.

luxurious – (adj.) providing an expensive and rich environment, beyond what is necessary.

Now complete the exercise below.

1. He has a __________ for getting things organized.

2. You should be able to __________ a job. There are hundreds of employment opportunities listed in the newspaper advertisements.

3. The marathon runner was overcome with __________ after finishing the race.

4. I __________ waking up early in the morning. I really can’t stand it.

5. The refrigerator had a __________ defect that could not be discovered, even through careful examination.

6. The king lived a __________ lifestyle in a palace decorated with gold. Der. (n.) luxury; (adv.) luxuriously.

7. You will __________ your health if you continue smoking so much.

8. He was able to retire early as a result of the large sum of money he had made from __________ investments.

9. He makes his __________ by working as a clerk in a grocery store.

10. The local police have __________ over this town.


1. knack

2. land

3. lassitude

4. loathe

5. latent

6. luxurious

7. jeopardize

8. lucrative

9. livelihood

10. jurisdiction