Exercise – Words Q to V

Now try the exercise for words Q to V.

Remember, these exercises are just a few brief examples from our vocabulary download.

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Words Q to V

querulous – (adj.) characterized by constant complaining. Der. (n.) querulousness; (adv.) querulously.

receptacle – (n.) a container used for collecting items which are later thrown away.

regress – (v.) to return to an earlier time period. Der. (n.) regression.

remunerate – (v.) to pay for a service performed; compensate. Der. (n.) remuneration; (adj.) remunerated.

scrumptious – (adj.) delicious; very tasty; (syn.) delectable.

setback – (n.) an event which causes a reversal in progress. Der. (ph. v.) set back.

tantamount (to) – (adj.) equal to in terms of results or consequences.

treacherous – (adj.) dangerous; (syn.) precarious. Der. (n.) treacherousness, treachery; (adv.) treacherously.

upheaval – (n.) the action of causing disturbance or disorder. Der. (v.) upheave.

vie – (v.) to engage in competition or rivalry.

Now complete the exercise below.

1. All litter should be thrown into the __________ provided throughout the park.

2. Refusing to tell the entire truth is __________ to lying.

3. This cake is __________. I have never tasted anything so delicious.

4. The two teams will __________ for the championship on Sunday.

5. Being overwhelmed by the responsibilities of adult life, Jane wished that she could __________ to her childhood.

6. The poor weather conditions caused a __________ to our journey, and we were delayed three hours.

7. The weather is __________ today. Travel is not advised.

8. The company agreed to __________ me quite highly. My salary will be $20,000 a month.

9. Dylan always causes __________ in the class with his constant interruptions.

10. The man became __________ in old age and began to complain about everything.


1. receptacles

2. tantamount

3. scrumptious

4. vie

5. regress

6. setback

7. treacherous

8. remunerate

9. upheaval

10. querulous