Exercise – Words W to Z

Here is the final extract of a few of the words from our vocabulary download – words W to Z.

These exercises are provided to help students prepare for the iBT.

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wary – (adj.) cautious because of concerns or worries about something, especially about safety. Der. (n.) wariness; (adv.) warily.

Words W to Z

wholesome – (adj.) acceptable in terms of health, character, or morals. Der. (n.) wholesomeness.

witty – (adj.) amusing and intelligent. Der. (n.) wit; (adv.) wittily.

yank – (v.) to pull suddenly and forcefully.

zealot – (n.) an individual displaying unreasonable enthusiasm; fanatic. Der. (adj.) zealous; (adv.) zealously.

Now complete the exercise below.

1. Milk is a __________ drink as it is full of vitamins and minerals.

2. The door was stuck, and we had to __________ it in order to open it.

3. Tom told a __________ joke which made us all laugh.

4. Brittany is an absolute __________ about her exercise routine. She goes to the gym twice a day.

5. He was very __________ of traveling through such a bad neighborhood.


1. wholesome

2. yank

3. witty

4. zealot

5. wary