Learn TOEFL® Words

If you want to learn TOEFL® words, you should think about improving your English vocabulary, sometimes called English vocab.

You can visit our vocabulary page as well as our download page for more specific advice about learning words for the exam.

You can also try the following free exercise.

Learn TOEFL® Words – Exercise

Instructions – Find the spelling errors in the following sentences:

  1. I need to look for student accomodation.
  2. I have problems with English grammer.
  3. Acedamic life can be rewarding, but also challenging.
  4. It was a happy ocassion for everyone.
  5. Students sometimes mispell important words.


  1. I need to look for student accommodation.
  2. I have problems with English grammar.
  3. Academic life can be rewarding, but also challenging.
  4. It was a happy occasion for everyone.
  5. Students sometimes misspell important words.

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How to Learn TOEFL® Words

In order to improve your vocabulary, first you will need a good dictionary. To learn English words, as well as to learn TOEFL® words, you can use a free English dictionary online.

However, if you want to improve vocabulary dramatically, you may want to buy one of many available bilingual English dictionaries, such as an English Chinese dictionary or a Japanese English dictionary.

Of course, an English dictionary will also help with spelling words correctly.

To learn words and improve vocabulary you may also wish to purchase vocabulary study materials, such as a vocabulary builder.

A vocabulary builder is a method of learning vocabulary and improving vocabulary skills with daily practice through flashcards and books.

In other words, learning vocabulary can be made much easier with a vocabulary builder and good English dictionary.

Reading newspapers is another good way to learn new words, especially high-level academic vocabulary.

Have you ever watched a movie with English subtitles? Why not try to note down the new words and phrases that you encounter as you watch the movie?

You can also learn new words and phrases by listening to English songs. Try to look for the lyrics to the words online or in the CD you have purchased. Again, use your dictionary to help you if you need it.

Finally, to increase vocabulary for standardized English language exams, you will also need to know the correct spelling of key TOEFL® words.

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