There are many scholarships available at colleges and universities in the United States.

This page gives you advice on how to find scholarships after you take your examination.

If you are going to take the iBT, then you are probably already planning on studying at a college or university in the United States.

Perhaps you know the cost of your college fees or maybe you are looking at various options to decide what you can afford.

Inquire at the Scholarship Office

First of all, you should inquire at your college or university’s scholarship office when you arrive for your studies in the United States.

A representative will help you become acquainted with the different types of scholarships that are available.

Nationality Scholarships

Secondly, you should know that scholarship availability can depend on your personal situation and background.

For example, your institution may have scholarships dedicated exclusively to Asian students.

Other colleges or universities have scholarships for women only or children of Rotary Club members, for instance.

When a scholarship is based on these types of criteria, your grades and other qualifications are not usually as important.

Merit Scholarships

There will also be some purely merit-based scholarships.

Availability for these merit-based funds depends solely on a student’s academic performance and grade point average.

For your freshman year, a merit-based scholarship will be based on your grades from high school.

For your sophomore and subsequent years, your college grades will be taken into account for this type of merit-based funding.

Your scholarship representative will have all of the necessary forms that you need to complete in order to apply.

Scholarships Online

You can also find a great deal of information online.

If you do not have the right background or grades in order to be eligible for a scholarship, you may be able to get financial aid instead.

Please also see our financial aid and  work in America pages for more information on how to obtain funding for your studies.

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