Exam Tips

Here are ten exam tips and advice on exam preparation to help your study and increase your Test of English as a Foreign Language score.

These exam tips will improve your English language skills in general and enhance your performance on the English language examination.

Exam Tips:

(1) Use a dictionary to raise your vocabulary level, especially when you want to learn TOEFL words.

You can use either a monolingual dictionary (English only) or a bilingual dictionary.

(2) Invest in a good grammar book such as English Grammar in Use: Advanced (Cambridge University Press) to improve your English grammar level.

Generally, any English language books published by Cambridge or Oxford will be a good investment for your language learning.

(3) To improve your reading skills, try to understand new vocabulary when you are reading in the English language in order to prepare for your English language examination.

(4) Read widely in the English language. You can read newspapers and magazines in English to improve general language skills.

(5) You should also read academic texts to practice for the TOEFL iBT because it is a test of academic English.

(6) Look at ESL, ESOL, TEFL, and EFL websites to prepare for the for the TOEFL iBT® English Language examination.

These abbreviations stand for the following:

ESL – English as a Second Language

ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages

TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language

EFL – English as a Foreign Language

(7) Also look at ESL, ESOL, TEFL, and EFL books and other printed resources.

(8) Listen to English language resources online and pay attention to new grammar and vocabulary.

(9) Study for other English language examinations such as MELAB or IELTS®.

(10) Studying for other standardized exams like the GMAT® or GRE® will also help you to improve your English skills.

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