Work in America

You may be interested in getting work in America after you have finished studying for the TOEFL iBT® because colleges and universities in the United States can be very expensive.

Getting A Work Visa

In order to get jobs in America and work in America, you will need to have a work visa or green card.

This is true even if you would like to work on campus.

The H1B visa is the official visa to work in USA.

The US immigration authorities issue this work visa to allow international students to live and work in the USA.

Getting a Work Sponsor

To receive an H1B visa, the job applicant for employment in America must find an H1V job with an employer in the USA.

This employer is known as your work visa sponsor.

Applying for a Work Visa

Your work visa sponsor then applies for a work visa on your behalf.

Individual workers cannot apply for their own work visas.

Only the employer can obtain a work visa for you.

Length of Time for the Visa

The work permit allows you to live and work in America for up to six years.

Visas and Your Family

The work visa also allows your spouse and children to come with you and live in the US with you.

Getting a Green Card

Once you have received the work visa and you are legally working in America, you can apply for a green card (Legal Permanent Residency).

The green card gives you the right to live and hold jobs in the USA permanently.

Temporary Visas

On the other hand, if you would like temporary work in America, you can apply for internships in America in conjunction with your degree program.

Working in America

Working in America without the necessary visa is not recommended because the immigration and naturalization office has enforced illegal work quite rigorously in recent years.

If you cannot get any jobs in America, then you may need to consider getting scholarships or financial aid to help defray the cost of your studies.